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Enhanced Checkout Plug-in

This is a SellerDeck design snapshot to provide an enhanced checkout experience for your customers.

After receiving countless requests from SD store-owners to reformat their stores' checkout screens, we analyzed a number of online retail site's checkout screens. Working within the SellerDeck platform and not making any PERL script changes, we've made a simple design plug-in that can be used by anyone.

Your customers clicking "Checkout" are presented with a splash page with two choices:
  • Returning customers can enter thier username/password, click login (or forgot password) and move on to SD's standard customer checkout.
  • Guests and new customers can login with PayPal or proceed to the enhanced first page of SD checkout. This page offers New Customers a tick-box to optionally create an account. Ticking the tickbox, displays the mandatory password fields. Unticking "Create Account" hides the password fields and the customer continues with the standard SD checkout.

Early Logged in customers still go directly to checkout. Give it a try by adding this plug-in to the cart.

An early release of this design plug-in to a few select US SellerDeck store owners has shown decreased cart abandonment and positive responses from customers that checkout is easier and more intuitive.


Total Price: $125.00 / 101.25

SellerDeck version: